Rare tiger cub gets mother-daughter hunting lessons

Two months ago, a baby Sumatran tiger was born at Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo. She was the first cub…
baby tiger

Two months ago, a baby Sumatran tiger was born at Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo. She was the first cub of this species to be born in the zoo in the past 20 years. And she is getting off to a great start with hunting lessons from mom.

Joanna Kij, a spokeswoman for the Wroclaw Zoo, said that “the tiger’s birth was a great success for the zoo.” The zoo’s head of predators, Beata Nieweglowska, called the baby “brave”:

She is very brave and is getting to know the outside run and depending on the weather her mother lets her go into the run or not.

Beata Nieweglowska

The cub is the first to be born to her mother, Nuri. Nuri appears to be doing a good job of looking after her. Nieweglowska says Nuri is showing the young cub how to be a tiger: giving her lessons on “how to behave, what she should be afraid of, what not, how to make an approach.”

The cub’s father, Tengah, is less involved in her rearing. Tengah was there when the cub was born. He sniffed her and then left. The chairman of the zoo’s board of managers, Radoslaw Ratajszczak, said that this is a natural course of events, since male tigers “don’t participate in the raising of cubs.”

Tengah may not have been very excited about the cub, but the cub’s birth is particularly special because Sumatran tigers are critically endangered. In Sumatra, Indonesia, there are less than 500 wild Sumatran tigers. Here in their native home, poaching has diminished both their habitats and the availability of food.

On the other hand, in zoos, there are about 270 of the tigers. Across the world, zoos are working together with a program aimed at protecting the species. The cub’s mother came from a zoo in England, while her father came from Germany.

According to Ratajszczak, the coordinator of this program will, at some point, choose where the new cub will end up.

Article source: AP

Featured image source: Wroclaw Zoo

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