President Trump and Wife Test Positive for Coronavirus

President Trump and his wife Melania Trump have contracted the novel coronavirus as tests revealed they are positive.…
President Trump and wife

President Trump and his wife Melania Trump have contracted the novel coronavirus as tests revealed they are positive. The United States president said he would be self-isolating with his wife immediately. After the tests, the first lady tweeted, assuring the citizens that she and the president are in good condition and all upcoming engagements have been postponed till further notice.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 74-year-old trump is at a higher risk for complications, considering his age and the fact that he has at least one underlying health condition. However, Trump claimed that he is feeling well.

Rest assured I expect the president to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering, and I will keep you updated on any future developments.

Sean Conley, the President’s physician

One of the White House officials confirmed that President Trump was “in good spirits.”  He further revealed that it was “beneficial” that the president hasn’t been around many people lately as this would help their contact tracing.

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However, the case is quite different as President Trump and his wife have been meeting various people lately. On Thursday, Mr.Trump was present at a fundraising event where he met supporters in person, before this, he also held a rally in Minnesota on Wednesday night.  He was also in Ohio for the presidential debate on Monday.

White House official revealed that contact tracing has been carried out and the necessary notifications and recommendations. Trump has now become the most prominent figure that tests positive for the deadly coronavirus.

Hope Hicks had just tested positive for the virus when news of Trump’s positive test came out. White House official revealed that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, tested negative for the virus. The United States president was meant to go for a campaign in Florida on Friday and other engagements across the western United States.

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