Pope Francis Terms Trump’s Policy of Family Separation at the Border as Cruel

Pope Francis has called Trump’s policy of separating family at the border a cruel act in a new…
Pope Francis

Pope Francis has called Trump’s policy of separating family at the border a cruel act in a new documentary. According to Pope Francis, separating kids from parents is against natural rights and is also a cruel act. He maintained that this is what a Christian cannot do.

Under President Trump’s administration, U.S. border enforcement officials started separating kids from their parents, according to the Associated Press. This policy was implemented in May 2018 and this has led to the separation of over 2,700 children from their parents in less than a month. A U.S. district judge ordered that such practice should be put to an end in June 2018.

Pope Francis maintained that separating children from their parents is what a Christian shouldn’t do. To date, about 545 children have not been united with their parents, court-appointed lawyers revealed.

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We know that the separation of children was a willful and calculated strategy to weaponize against vulnerable migrants at the border the most sacred thing they had, their family.

Dylan Corbett, the executive director of the Hope Border Initiative

Corbett pointed out that the problem with this policy is that some children might not be able to reunite with their families again and this brings lasting and irreversible damage to the nation’s history. This policy needs to be amended and the cruel strategies of deterrence against migrants must be put to an end.

Although separations of children from parents happened occasionally during Bush and Obama’s administrations, Trump’s one is quite different, according to the director of migration policy and public affairs at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ashley Feasley. She maintained that Trump’s administration had no plans to reunite these families.

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