Paso Robles Man Receives a Life-changing Gift After Losing His Home in A fire

When a Paso Robles man known as Billy Tosch lost his properties to fire, he thought that was…
Paso Robles man

When a Paso Robles man known as Billy Tosch lost his properties to fire, he thought that was the end for him. For every dark cloud, there is a silver lining, the story of Billy Tosh preaches this. Tosch never had the idea that he would see a transformation in his fortunes within a few days.

It was good news when this Paso Robles man was gifted a replacement RV from a resident of Nipomo. He received an outfitted and working home that feature wheels. Tosch said this is the most beautiful gift e has ever received and he would hold on to it for the rest of his life.

Tosch’s RV was razed to rubble on Feb. 26. The RV was parked in the Walmart parking lot when it started burning. Tosh was walking with his dog at that time. When Tosch perceived smoke, he decided to return home.

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Tosch made effort to put out the fire, but he needed the assistance of the Fire Department. When he called them, they responded and decided to save his RV, but the vehicle was already destroyed and almost everything Tosch had.

After this incident, a group of people on social media decided to offer Tosch some help. Elizabeth Denny who knew about the fire incident created a GoFundMe Page for Tosch to help him get a new RV. Denny said when she posted this on social media, it began to spread like wildfire as time goes on.

Denny and some people donated to the GOFundMe, collected some supplies, and money to assist Tosch. Hugh Robinson decided to give Tosch a 1992 RV. He also donated a sum of $440 to repair the RV and leave it in perfect working condition. Tosch appreciated all the kind gestures he was getting and he couldn’t be happier than this.

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