Paralyzed Man Seen Cleaning Up Plastic From the India River

A picture of a paralyzed man cleaning up plastic waste from a river in India has gone viral.…
Paralyzed man

A picture of a paralyzed man cleaning up plastic waste from a river in India has gone viral. A young engineer, Nandu Ks, who happens to love photography took a picture that changed the life of this paralyzed man. Nandu has been searching for stories for a while until he saw a man picking up something from the river.

The old paralyzed man, N. S. Rajappan, has been picking up plastics from the river for some years now to fend for himself. Rajappan who has been suffering from paralysis from age five when he had polio, has cleared the Vembanad Lake of any plastic bottles.

Without using any crutches, this old man would drag himself to the Meenachil River to search for bottles.  Nandu the photographer saw that people were disposing of plastic bottles in the river, while Rajappan was picking them up.

When Rajappan was asked how much he realized from picking up plastic bottles, he said he earns nearly RS 12, which isn’t enough to feed him.  After Nandu took a picture of Rajappan, he uploaded it telling his story on Pro Media Facebook .

When people saw this, they started retweeting. The Prime Minister of India praised Rajappan for what he had been doing. After this, Rajappan’s story went viral and motivated a lot of people to appreciate this man’s efforts.

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They started sending him several gifts as a way to appreciate him. Rajappan has received a new motorboat from a local businessman. There are plans put in place to build a little home to for Rajappan since he had been living in a riverside shack.  

Rajappan has also been gifted with a motorized wheelchair. With this kind of support, Rajappan’s life is transforming.

I always wondered what it felt like to follow your passion, but never knew its true feeling till the day I met Rajappan chettan (brother Rajappan). I went to him and showed him the photo I clicked. He smiled at me—and then I knew what it meant to be a photographer.


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