Pakistan’s Terrorism Rate Drops Last Year, Attacks Decline by 45% Compared to 2019

Pakistan’s terrorism rate drops last year; this country is now safer to live in than it was. The…
Pakistan's terrorism rate drops

Pakistan’s terrorism rate drops last year; this country is now safer to live in than it was. The South Asian country has experienced a decrease in terrorist attacks on home soil by a whopping 86% since 2013, and between 2019 and 2020 the country experienced a 45% decrease.

The country seems to have met the UN Sustainable Development Goal for terrestrial ecosystems and protected marine, as law enforcement averted over 50% of all terror threats last year.  Even the rate of suicide bombings has decreased by 97% since 2009.

Major General Babar Iftikhar, The armed forces spokesperson of Pakistan, highlighted border security along with Afghanistan, and there have been major improvements in Karachi’s security infrastructure.

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Even the largest city of Karachi has seen over a 98% decreases in terror incidents such as targeted killings and kidnappings. This has resulted in a gradual improvement in the city. Karachi’s ranking on the World Crime Index has also been influenced by this change, making it the sixth highest back in 2014, to now being 108th in 2020.

The crime index rates countries’ crime rates based on resident or visitor submissions, which have benefits over government data in some ways. As Pakistan’s terrorism rate drops, this is a good development in the country.

The challenges that we overcame have now paved the way for great opportunities. At least 199 development projects worth [$3.75 billion] have been launched in Balochistan covering health, education, agriculture, and infrastructure sectors.

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