Owl stuck in well saved in Germany

Rescuers needed oxygen to liberate the owl in the very deep well in Germany. In Bad Segeberg, a…
owl saved

Rescuers needed oxygen to liberate the owl in the very deep well in Germany.

In Bad Segeberg, a town in the northern part of Germany, a 3.5-hour long rescue operation successfully saved a young owl.

Authorities realized that the owl was in trouble after a local reported hearing the owl’s distressed calls. The sound was traveling up quite a ways, as the well is 130 feet in depth.

By using a spotlight, the rescuers were able to see deep into the well and spot the bird, an eagle owl. However, no strategies to convince the owl to enter a rescue net worked.

They performed tests to measure the air quality in the well. In doing so, they discovered poor quality air even a few meters into the well. Presumably, the air would be worse in quality lower down in the well.

So, to give the owl oxygen, the rescuers used an oxygen bottle, lowering it down to the bird. Also, the rescuer who would descend into the well had on a breathing apparatus. With the apparatus giving the rescuer oxygen, the rescuer descended.

The rescuer wore breathing apparatus to go down the 130-foot well.

Then, at the bottom of the well, the rescuer used a bag to scoop up and liberate the young bird.

This owl is a member of a local group—or “parliament”—of owls. The home of this owl group is the Kalkberg, which means “Chalk Mountain,” in English. The 300-foot Kalkberg is positioned at Bad Segeberg’s centre. Siegburg Castle once stood at the top of Kalkberg. Today, all that is left of the destroyed castle is the well.

The owl was young, but this doesn’t mean it was small. It is a member of one of the world’s largest owl species. They can have a wingspan as big as 6.5 feet.

Now, a bat sanctuary in Bad Segeberg, Germany, is taking care of the young owl.

Article source: CNN

Featured image source: Kreisfeuerwehrverband Segeberg

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