Over-the-Counter Sleep Aid May Cure and Prevent Coronavirus

An over-the-counter sleep aid may prevent and treat coronavirus, according to a new study. This may be a…
over-the-counter sleep aid

An over-the-counter sleep aid may prevent and treat coronavirus, according to a new study. This may be a cost-effective and efficient way to treat or prevent the virus. Since the cases of coronavirus have been on the increase, repurposing already approved drugs for new therapeutic uses has continued to be an effective approach to treat this disease.

The findings of the Cleveland Clinic revealed that a novel artificial intelligence initiative developed to identify potential drugs for COVID-19 repurposing has shown melatonin as a promising candidate.  

Melatonin usage has been reported to be associated with almost 30 percent decreased likelihood of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 after adjusting factors like smoking history, age, race, etc.

For African Americans, the decreased likelihood of testing positive for coronavirus rose from 30 to 52 percent when adjusted for the same factors.

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It is very important to note these findings do not suggest people should start to take melatonin without consulting their physician.

Large-scale observational studies and randomized controlled trials are critical to validate the clinical benefit of melatonin for patients with COVID-19, but we are excited about the associations put forth in this study and the opportunity to further explore them.

Feixiong Cheng, PhD, assistant staff in the Genomic Medicine Institute

The researchers made use of large-scale electronic patient health records obtained from Cleveland Clinic to determine clinical pathologies and manifestations common between coronavirus and other diseases.

The closeness between SARS-CoV-2 host genes and those associated with 64 other diseases across different disease categories and closer proximity shows a greater likelihood of pathological correlations between the diseases.

The researchers discovered that autoimmune, neurological, and pulmonary diseases indicated significant proximity to SARS-CoV-2 genes and identified 34 drugs as repurposing, especially melatonin. This study offers an integrative medicine strategy to forecast disease manifestations related to COVID-19.

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