Over 60 Major Companies Sign Deal to Work Towards Plastic Waste Reduction in Just 4 Years

Over 60 major companies supplying products to Australia’s and New Zealand’s supermarkets have agreed and made a vow…
Major companies

Over 60 major companies supplying products to Australia’s and New Zealand’s supermarkets have agreed and made a vow to deal with plastic waste issues in Oceania. Coca-Cola, Woolworths, and Nestle are among these major companies. Even some government departments aren’t left out.

The ANZPAC Plastics Pact is a joint effort aimed at bringing together major players that support a shared vision in which plastic can never become a waste. However, ANZPAC aims to achieve all of its goals within four years.

ANZPAC hopes to pursue their four goals which include getting rid of unnecessary plastic waste, increasing plastic packaging by 25 percent, increasing recycled plastic utilization in manufacturing by 25 percent, and transforming plastic waste into reusable and recyclable products.

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In the ANZPAC region, only 18 percent of plastics are recycled, this indicates that hundreds of thousands of tons are trashed in landfills or in the ecosystem. Anyone residing in Australia must have seen plastic straws or bottles washed up in a river.

Brooke Donnelly who works at the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization maintained that if the nation doesn’t take action as regards plastic waste, the volume of plastic going into the ocean will skyrocket.

She further explained that some of the objectives would be getting rid of unnecessary plastics used for packaging and looking for better means to tackle the plastic that was already produced.

For example, we will manage the collection of materials and bring them back and manage the end of life, so they’re being recycled or reused or composted.


New Zealand, the Pacific Island nations, and are some of the nations that are affected by plastic pollution. With their collaborative efforts, these countries can tackle this problem. Plastic waste is becoming a global problem that needs to be looked into.

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