Orchid Believed to Be Extinct in UK Was Found on the London Bank’s Rooftop

A colony of orchids that were believed to be extinct in the UK was found on the London…

A colony of orchids that were believed to be extinct in the UK was found on the London Bank’s rooftop. Orchid is usually found in the Mediterranean. This plant hasn’t been sighted in Britain for more than ten years.

However, these plants have been discovered in the garden of the a bank in London. This is the second time Britain will be experiencing its scarcity. Unfortunately, the Cornish colony got destroyed and the plant was believed to have been extinct in the UK.

People are still wondering how the orchids got to the Japanese Investment Bank Nomura, but Mark Patterson is in charge of the roof garden. According to him, the plant could have naturally colonized the garden without any help.

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Orchid seeds are incredibly small and can travel great distances by wind. The plants could have originated on the Continent and been brought over the Channel on the southerly winds that frequently bring Saharan dust deposits to the capital.


He further explained that the seeds could have resulted from the soil utilized to create the green roof some years ago. This plant can take a long time to mature when they are in poor soil conditions. This isn’t the first time people will spot rare orchids on green roofs.

Patterson also found out that the largest colony of green orchids in the UK was growing on the Nomura roof. Wild orchids are rare and they can experience many threats which include over-grazing, illegal collecting of the plants, and poor land management.

This plant has to be protected properly. According to Orchid expert, Mike Waller, discovering the second colony of tongue orchid in the U.K. is very exciting and finding them on a green roof in a London Bank is more exciting.

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