Old Blind and Deaf Dog Survives After Getting Lost in Surrey for 9 Days

An old blind and deaf dog survived on her own for good nine days after she got lost.…
old blind and deaf dog

An old blind and deaf dog survived on her own for good nine days after she got lost. The 16-year-old Labrador and pit bull crossbreed goes by the name Sheba. The owner of this dog, Sherri Sotoroshenko has been taking care of the dog throughout her adult life.

According to Storoshenko, Sheba is full of life and always love to be outdoors. She said Sheba is her sidekick and is always by her side all the time.  Storoshenko was with her dogs on April 1 when Sheba decided to go out of the yard. Other dogs had stayed behind while Sheba wandered off.

Storoshenko noticed Sheba was gone after five minutes she left. Storoshenko became very worried about Sheba’s whereabouts since she couldn’t hear or see. Sheba wouldn’t respond to a voice or sound. This made it difficult for Sheba’s owner to find her.

On realizing Sheba was lost, Storoshenko organized a search for her dog. She told friends and neighbors about her missing dog. They made posters and sought the help of Petsearchers, but all efforts proved futile.

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After the 7th day Sheba got lost, then Storoshenko knew that Sheba was gone and she would never see her again. The ninth day Sheba got lost; Storoshenko got a message that Sheba had been found.

 At first she was uncertain about the message, but when the person who found her dog, Nicole, Mentioned that the dog has a cyst on her eye, then Storoshenko was sure.

The second I saw through the door that it was her, I broke down in tears and dropped and was a big, bawling baby.  


Sheba was so dehydrated after she was found, but the old blind and deaf dog was in good condition. It is a miracle she survived.


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