Nova Scotia Couple Ties the Knot in Unique Way, With Family Separated by a Border

A Nova Scotia couple recently got married in a special way. The couple, Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie…
Nova Scotia couple

A Nova Scotia couple recently got married in a special way. The couple, Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie got married on a wharf along St. Croix River in St. Stephen. This is proof that the COVID-19 travel restrictions can’t stop them from getting married.

The duo tied the knot on the Canada-U.S border and their family and loved ones were across the river in Maine to share in this bundle of joy.

It was really neat because I could see, you know, Alex standing at the altar in front of me. I could see our family on the U.S. side, and then I could see some of my relatives in the boat just out from the wharf.

There’s not an ounce of disappointment that we decided to go this route. It’s definitely a story that we will remember and be telling for years to com.


Clowes’s family lives in Calias, Maine. Clowes and Leckie had planned to hold their wedding in Windsor, N.S.  However, the plan was derailed by COVID-19 travel restrictions which prevented people from moving freely.  According to Clowes, she was bent on making the wedding happen during the pandemic even if they needed a lot of help.

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After I told my mom about this idea, I think she was on the phone with the mayor in St. Stephen about two seconds later to find out if it was possible for us to pull this off.


St. Stephen asked the couple to send their wedding plans ensuring that they practice physical distancing. In St. Stephen, only gatherings of about 50 people are allowed with physical distance being applied. The Nova Scotia couple got approval from the official in Calias where few of their loved ones gathered on the wharf.

They even had relatives watching them get married from a boat almost four meters away from the St. Stephen wharf. All thanks to the water, as it was calm all through.

We did live stream it through a Facebook group we created and we were able to live stream it to everyone across the water, and everyone in Canada that wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony.


Leckie maintained that everything went well, despite how difficult it was to hold a wedding separated by the Canada-U.S border. The couple plans to hold a get-together with their loved ones next year if allowed by public health regulations.

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