Nicolet College Expands Program to Assist Students Affected by Pandemic

Nicolet College has decided to expand its ‘three for free’ program to assist students. It is no doubt…
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Nicolet College has decided to expand its ‘three for free’ program to assist students. It is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has had negative impacts on the economy, and this has led to partial or complete loss of income.

Even individuals and families have had their own share of these negative impacts, a major reason Nicolet College is helping students pay for some of their college credits. New students who get enrolled in Nicolet College can receive their college credits for free starting from 2021.

According to Erika Warning-Meyer, Nicolet College Dean of Enrollment, students have to show proof that the COVID-19 Pandemic has a financial impact on them. Students who are continuing their education at Nicolet and have remained unemployed any time after March 13 of this year are free to partake in this program.

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In thinking about attending college, finances is the one thing I hear students talk about and this just takes the burden of finances away from students by providing them with free college credits if they’re eligible.

At the end of the term, as long as they successfully completed the course, they don’t have to pay for those three college credits. It’s a great way for them to get started on their educational journey without having to make such a big financial investment.


According to Warning-Meyer, there are other options for a student that doesn’t qualify for the Three for Free program. He further said that there are several financial opportunities available. Students who want to benefit from these programs should contact this number (715) 365-4493.

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