New Jersey Plumber Helps Overwhelmed Texan with Burst Pipes After Driving 22 Hours

A New Jersey plumber drove for 22 hours to provide equipment to Texans who needed to repair their…
New Jersey plumber

A New Jersey plumber drove for 22 hours to provide equipment to Texans who needed to repair their burst pipes. When storm Uri hit Texas, it left most of the residents in a devastated state. Homeowners had to look for help.

Since many residents needed the help of plumbers, crucial repairs became scarce until a New Jersey plumber volunteered to help the residents. Andrew Mitchell alongside his wife, Kisha Pinnock, and their 2-year-old son traveled from Morristown to Houston for 22 hours.

According to Kisha, a lot of people couldn’t get a plumber to help them fix their pipes. When these people try to contact a plumber, they are told to wait for the next three weeks.

Michelle stopped at his sister-in-law’s place in Humble. Kisha and Mitchell had been keeping in touch with her sister since the storm started. His sister-in-law told him about the situation of the people residing in the Lone Star State.

When local plumbers started begging for assistance and help o Facebook posts, the couple decided to get into action. After Mitchell solved his sister-in-law’s issues, his kind gestures began to spread. Mitchell and his brother-in-law, Isiah, started fixing issues in about ten houses daily.

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One of the people who benefited from the good works of Mitchell and Isiah was Barbara Benson, a 71-year-old woman. After not having water in her home for like a week due to a burst pipe, these people came to her rescue.

She contacted over a dozen plumbers and they told her it would take weeks for them to attend to her. Benson even said some plumbers started charging high for their service, they charged as high as $20,000 just to render their services.

Mitchell made sure he charged people what they could afford. He said he always asked them what price they were willing to pay.

A lot of times when you see the devastation it could be across the world; it could be across the country; it could be in your town. You feel like your heart is breaking with them and you can’t do anything but in this instance, we really could. I really knew if we could only help one family, we did make a difference.


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