Neighbors Showed up to Help A Family Farm in Maine

A Family Farm in Maine couldn’t make it after restaurants were shut down. This farm which was launched…
Family farm in Maine

A Family Farm in Maine couldn’t make it after restaurants were shut down. This farm which was launched in 1996 supplies fresh food to restaurants. When restaurants were forced to close, this family farm organic farm owned by Ralph and Lisa Turner began to experience a loss.

The family’s source of income was suddenly gone, with eight greenhouses filed with 10 tons of veggies in the cold storage of supply and no demand. Of course with no sales there can’t be any income.

This family farm in Maine couldn’t sell their produce after investing so much money. This meant a loss. However, the Turners didn’t give up, they drew up another plan. The couple sent out word to the public through their company newsletter and started selling pre-bagged produce at 3 dollars.

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“We bagged up stuff as if we were going to have maybe 10 people a day come. We sent it out to probably 450 email addresses—and then people just started sharing it and sharing it and sharing it. The first day it was like, wow, that was a lot of people… The eggs were flying out of here… We went through 130 dozen eggs in two and a half days. It was insane.


Lisa contacted a local beef farmer and organized delivery. The surprising thing was that their customers started helping them with tips on how to make the farm solvent till the next planting season. After all this, the Turners didn’t realize much profit, but they were able to keep up with the harsh economic condition.

They have already pivoted their business model for the coming year. Apart from cultivating and selling their own crops, this family farm in Maine will be managing a farm store that features their own organic wares alongside goods from other local meat and dairy distributors.

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