Natural Forest Regeneration across the World since 2000 Covers Areas As Big As France

According to recent research, natural forest regeneration across the world has covered areas as big as France. Satellite…
Natural forests regeneration

According to recent research, natural forest regeneration across the world has covered areas as big as France. Satellite data carried out by some researchers showed that nearly 59 million hectares of forests have grown back since the year 2000.

This great achievement will help to absorb carbon emissions from the United States for a whole year. This restored forest is as big as France and can absorb more than the yearly carbon emissions of the United States.

The satellite data concentrated on forests that have regenerated spontaneously. It also considered forests grown with help from a human, such as cultivating native trees. It excluded trees planted commercially. According to scientists, natural forest regeneration is a better way to solve the issue of climate change. 

Preserving and protecting forests is better than planting trees since existing forests are more likely to absorb more warming gases while protecting biodiversity and wildlife.

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We’ve known for a long time that natural forest regeneration is often cheaper, richer in carbon, and better for biodiversity than actively planted forests. This research tells us where and why regeneration is happening, and how we can recreate those conditions elsewhere.

William Baldwin-Cantello, director of nature-based solutions at WWF-UK.

The Satellite research is a collaboration between Wildlife Conservation Society, WWF, and Birdlife International.  Preserving our forests is an inexpensive and great way to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

In general, another research has revealed that 386 million hectares of forest has been lost in the past twenty years.  When we allow forests to regenerate at their own pace and we ensure that this continues, and then it will play a vital role in preventing climate change, according to Baldwin. Deforestation should never be encouraged.

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