Morning Exercise May Prevent Cancer, As Opposed to Exercise Later in the Day-New Study Reveals

A recent study has revealed that morning exercise can help to reduce the risk of cancer. It further…
Morning exercise

A recent study has revealed that morning exercise can help to reduce the risk of cancer. It further explained that the time we exercise could affect cancer risk. According to studies, one possible cause of cancer is circadian disruption, which is the disorderliness of environmental cues like your diet, light, and the biological, internal, and circadian rhythms.

A study conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health alongside the Department of Epidemiology of the Medical University of Vienna has revealed that when regular physical activity is maintained, this can help to reduce the risk of cancer, however, this effect could be more beneficial when the activity is carried out in the early hours of the day.

Recent studies have revealed that light exposure at night and eating late food may result in cancer risk. To date, it is still unknown whether the time physical activity is done could affect cancer risk due to circadian disruption. To solve this puzzle, the researchers had to examine how the timing of physical activity can influence the risk of prostate and breast cancer in a controlled study.

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Their hypothesis was that physical activity had more benefits and could reduce the risk of cancer when done in the morning. The researchers based their hypothesis on the end results of an experiment that revealed that physical activity in the evening and afternoon can reduce melatonin production, a hormone that contains anti-cancer properties.

The timing of physical activity obviously has an effect on the rhythm of sex hormones and melatonin – as well as on food metabolism. That might explain our results.

Dr. Manolis Kogevinas, of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

About 3,000 people participated in the case study. The researcher discovered that morning exercise, especially around 8 and 10 am, it can help reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

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