More than 825,000 Seedlings Cultivated to Restore Exotic and Native Species in Mozambique

Mozambique has restored exotic and native species in order to solve environmental issues. The Ministry of Land and…

Mozambique has restored exotic and native species in order to solve environmental issues. The Ministry of Land and Environment in Mozambique announced on Friday that about 827,547 seedlings of exotic and native species were cultivated across the nation between September 2020 and June, 2021. This helped to cover about 4,609 hectares.

National Resource Management Committees were set up in Nampula and Tete Provinces. More than 11 million meticais were channeled to about 136 benefiting communities. This money amounts to 20% of the fees forestry operators pay.

Ivete Maibasse, the Mozambican Minister of Land and Environment maintained that the country I still facing some challenges to meet the goal despite the push for sustainable utilization of natural resources.

We are fully aware that the progress we have achieved is far from satisfying our ambition, therefore the meeting must generate and harmonize technical and administrative procedures for successful implementation of the decentralization package.


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Maibase said the ministry has finally set up the provincial delegations of the Agency for Environmental Quality Control across the nation as regards the inspection and quality control of the environment.

These delegations will help to increase the capacity to monitor, inspect, and audit environmental quality. The provincial delegations that were recently created have been able to inspect 490 economic and social interests. These delegations have also imposed fines that amount to more than 77 million meticais (more than $1.2 million).

The Minister of Land and Environment also said that about 1,264 forestry inspections were conducted. These inspections imposed about 887 fines that amount to more than 118 million meticais.  She also revealed that 66 containers of timber out of 76 containers were returned. These containers were brought from the Port of Pemba and exported to China illegally.

According to Maibaise, authorities have launched diplomatic contacts via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after this incident. This was done to ensure the remaining units return to the country.

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