Mom Carries Her Daughter’s Baby in Ultimate Act of Love

This is a heart-touching story of a mom that agreed to carry her daughter’s baby. Julie Loving, 51,…

This is a heart-touching story of a mom that agreed to carry her daughter’s baby. Julie Loving, 51, has shown us the extent to which a mother can express her love to her child.  29-year-old Breanna Lockwood is Loving’s child and has been suffering from infertility for some years now.

However, Breanna’s misery ended when her mother decided to help her carry her child. Isn’t this lovely? Of course, it is. Loving offered to be a “surrograndma,” serving as the gestational carrier for her daughter’s child.

It’s been a textbook pregnancy, everything’s been perfect.


Loving is 35-weeks gone and she feels good. Breanna Lockwood had been battling with infertility; she had gone through four failed embryo transfers, an ectopic pregnancy, and two miscarriages. Breanna had scar tissue in her uterus after she underwent a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure. This left her with no option other than using a gestational carrier.

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Most Americans cannot afford a gestational carrier. It’s over $100,000.

Dr. Brian Kaplan of Fertility Centers of Illinois.

According to Breanna, her mom had insisted on helping her to carry her baby, but she had rejected the offer several times.  Loving who is a two-time Boston marathoner was bent on helping her daughter despite her hesitations. One day, she accompanied Breanna to a fertility appointment that her husband couldn’t attend.

In the car before the appointment, I had said, ‘don’t say anything about it. Don’t make it weird.


Loving told her daughter’s fertility doctor, Dr. Kaplan about her desire to help her daughter carry her baby. Kaplan didn’t like the idea as he felt it was too risky for Loving since she is above 40.

 This is not a good thing, normally a gestational carrier should be under 40 years, but in medicine, you have to look at an individual and personalize it.


Kaplan had to talk to his colleagues about this idea. Then Loving went through several testing. After Loving passed the test, Kaplan approved her and told her she could be the gestational carrier of her grandchild. Fortunately for this mom, she got pregnant with the first embryo. Now that she is 35 weeks gone, we hope to hear good news.

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