Missing iPhone Found 1 year after it Dropped in the Bottom of Sun Moon Lake

A missing iPhone owned by a tourist has been found 1 year after it dropped in Sun Moon…

A missing iPhone owned by a tourist has been found 1 year after it dropped in Sun Moon Lake’s bottom. Taiwan is experiencing its worst drought in 56 years presently; however this has helped a tourist to recover the missing iPhone that he dropped in the Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is experiencing a sharp decline in water levels due to the drought. Some areas are already dry. Over the weekend, Chen, a member of a Facebook group announced that he found his phone after a part of the lake the phone dropped receded.

According to Chen, the iPhone had been around his neck while he was paddle boarding on the Sun Moon Lake on March 15, 2020. Unfortunately, Chen lost his balance and flopped into the water. He said his phone had fallen into the lake when he fell.

Chen who had prepared for such spills had placed his phone in a waterproof pouch. When the phone fell inside the water, his friend assured him that he will see his phone in a year’s time.

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This month he got a notice that his missing iPhone 11 pro max 512G had been found lying on the dry lakebed. He was so lucky to have his phone back as Locals revealed that the area his phone was found had not seen the water fully recede in over 50 years.

When Chen took returned home with his phone, he removed it from the plastic pouch he had kept it and realized that the pouch had protected it and his phone was fully intact. He then charged it and started operating it.

I can only say that the waterproof case for the phone is great! There is no water in it!” He then added, “I’m so happy to have recovered my phone after having lost it for so long.


Chen was so happy his phone was found. He was so glad about this discovery that he couldn’t sleep for a few days. This is indeed a miraculous discovery.


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