Missing Hiker Turns up at Police Appeal over Disappearance

Missing hiker, Harry Harvey, who is believed to be a “competent hiker” was reported missing in North Yorkshire…
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Missing hiker, Harry Harvey, who is believed to be a “competent hiker” was reported missing in North Yorkshire at around 1.30 pm on Sunday.

After Harry Harvey had lived off tinned beans and trekked the Yorkshire dales during the stormy weather for three days had been feared dead by police. After disappearing for three days, Harry turned up at a press conference and he had a kind of emotional reunion with his family.

On Tuesday morning, a wildlife photographer had spotted Harvey when he noticed him waving at her from the direction of the village of Keld.

 Harvey’s family from the north-east of England had already planned to appeal for members of the public to help in Harvey’s search at a police press conference held at Tan Hill Inn near Keld.

However, as the conference was about to start, Harvey turned up with mountain rescue workers in a Land Rover before members of his family ran over to embrace him.

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 Harvey who was wearing a large bandage on his forehead mentioned that he was separated from his organized walking group amidst a heavy hailstorm.

Where we got separated was absolutely desolate, there was no chance of putting a tent up that’s for sure. So I had to find somewhere safe.

I’d got all the kit, all the training. The biggest problem I encountered was getting to Tynemouth from Keld because I only had £21.05 in my pocket.


Harvey maintained that he was fine and the bandage he had was covering an injury sustained while trying to get safety. He said he fell while crossing a bridge.

 The inn had organized a search effort to find the missing hiker after they noticed Harvey missing amidst their route through the upper dales and got scared he could be injured.

According to Harvey, he had seen a police helicopter and some people appearing to be searching on the horizon, but he didn’t know they were looking for him.

Harvey appreciated his family’s effort and also commended the police for organizing a search.  He said “I’m very thankful for what they’ve done”.

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