Medal of Honor Awarded to 94-year-old 70 Years After Heroism

Ralph Puckett received Medal of Honor on Friday at the White House. The 94-year-old was awarded the highest…
Medal of Honor

Ralph Puckett received Medal of Honor on Friday at the White House. The 94-year-old was awarded the highest and most prestigious military decoration of the U.S government. About 70 years ago, Ralph, who was the First lieutenant, did something courageous which earned him the second-highest honor of the military, the Distinguished Service Cross.

When Ralph received the Medal of Honor, he asked why it couldn’t be mailed to him and President Joe Biden replied that he would have walked the medal to Ralph himself rather than mail it to him. Jeannie Puckett, Ralph’s wife, was also present at the event.

Biden talked about how the two met and got married. They tied the knot in November 1952. In 1950, 51 Puckett’s rangers and Nine Korean soldiers started an attack to take Hill 205. First Lieutenant Puckett stood on the closest tank exposing himself to more risk. While still on the tank, he encouraged his men. Then he started leading the Rangers.

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To attack their enemies, they crossed frozen rice paddies under fire. When they finally got to the top of the hill, it was abandoned; however, Puckett understood that the battle wasn’t over.

Almost immediately, an enemy fire threatened the success of the attack by pinning down one platoon. Leaving the safety of his position, with full knowledge of the danger, First Lieutenant Puckett intentionally ran across an open area three times to draw enemy fire, thereby allowing the Rangers to locate and destroy the enemy positions and to seize Hill 205.

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According to Lieutenant Puckett, the enemy counterattacked them and this lasted for four hours. During the counterattack, Puckett’s rangers were inspired by the courageous act Ralph Puckett displayed.

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