Massachusetts Town Feeds a Girl with Autism during the Pandemic

A little kindness can make the world a better place and people in Massachusetts town have just done…
Massachusetts Town

A little kindness can make the world a better place and people in Massachusetts town have just done so. This is a story of a little girl, Ashlyn, who is autistic. Ashlyn stopped eating any other food apart from SpaghettiOs and meatballs.

Therapists were putting in their best to expand Ashlyn’s palate when the pandemic started. Of course, the lockdown made people shop for more things since everyone is trying to stay safe and survive. Gorcery stores’ shelves were cleared more than you could imagine.

The problem started when Crystal McDonald, Ashlyn’s mother realized that SpaghettiOs was nowhere to be found in grocery stores. Crystal wondered why there was a rush on SpaghettiOs.

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Wait, wait, wait – Why was there a run on SpaghettiOs?” I asked. I don’t know if people thought, like, if the world ended you could survive on SpaghettiOs – I just know that I was losing my mind trying to find them.


Crystal became worried about her daughter since she was only willing to take SphaghettiOs and meatballs only. However, a miracle happened when people started bringing SphaghettiOs to her doorsteps. Before she knew what was happening, hundreds of cans had arrived from people in the community who heard about Ashlyn’s medical condition.

Crystal was really happy about this act of kindness. She believed what the people did, helped her daughter to survive during the pandemic.

When you have a child with special needs, their future is always in the back of your mind.  Who’s going to take care of them when I get old?  And to see people come out and embrace us, gave me so much hope that they will love her and take care of her when I’m not here.


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