Magawa the Hero Rat Stops Working as a Land Mine Detector

Magawa the hero rat is getting old and this is really telling on his job. The hero rat…
Magawa the hero rat

Magawa the hero rat is getting old and this is really telling on his job. The hero rat who received a gold medal will stop detecting landmines. In his career that lasted for five years, this rat was able to detect 71 landmines and unexploded items in Cambodia.

According to his handler, the African giant rat that is seven years old is aging. Apopo, a registered charity in Tanzania trained Magawa to sniff out landmines. Apopo trains animals to sniff out landmines. These animals are then certified after undergoing training for a year.

According to Apopo, a new set of young rats has been trained and assessed. These rats passed their exams with flying colors. Magawa who received the PDSGA Gold Medal last year would mentor the new set of recruits and help them work things out.

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Magawa’s performance has been unbeaten, and I have been proud to work side-by-side with him. He is small but he has helped save many lives allowing us to return much-needed safe land back to our people as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Magawa’s handler

Magawa was the first rat to receive this medal in the history of the charity. Magawa who weighs 1.2 kg is much bigger than other rat species. However, he doesn’t tip over mines when he walks across them.  Apopo trains these rats to sniff out a chemical compound in explosives.

Once they detect this chemical compound, they alert their human co-workers by scratching the top of the explosive. Magawa the hero rat is very fast, he can search a large size of land in minutes.

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