#LoveIsNotTourism: unmarried couples to reunite in the Czech Republic

The new rules will bring unmarried lovers back together. People across the EU have been stuck in their…
unmarried couples

The new rules will bring unmarried lovers back together.

People across the EU have been stuck in their countries as a result of the travel ban that made everyone stay put. While it likely curbed the spread of COVID-19, this ban also separated many individuals.

The ban started in the middle of March. But now, some countries are easing the rules to let unmarried couples return to each other. The latest of these countries is the Czech Republic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently declared a change in rules for the country. The change just took effect on July 20:

It will be possible for third-country nationals, especially visa-free ones, to come to the Czech Republic to visit their partners, provided that several conditions are met.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Czech Republic is emulating Austria and Denmark who paved the way with their like announcements. As well, this month, Norway and the Netherlands are also opening their borders to unmarried partners. In Norway, partners must have been dating for a minimum of nine months. In the Netherlands, this time frame is shorter at three months.

For the Czech Republic, couples must apply to prove that their relationship is serious. They need to “submit a solemn declaration of their long-term relationship.” In addition, they need to provide a form of proof, like “a joint lease agreement, a joint bank account or a birth certificate of common children.”

Couples will email the materials. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assess them electronically. This should make for a speedy process: approved partners may be able to enter the country in as little as three days.

Overall, this is great news for lovers like those who have been campaigning on Twitter. They used the hashtags #LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveIsEssential. They wanted lawmakers to enact change. In the Czech Republic, they did. And countries across the EU are taking note.

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