Los Angeles School Board Diverts $25 Million from Its Policing Agency to Fund Black Student

The Los Angeles school board has voted to cut a sum of $25 million from the school policing…
Los Angeles school board

The Los Angeles school board has voted to cut a sum of $25 million from the school policing agency and also cut 133 jobs. This money will be used to fund a Black Student Achievement Plan to improve student illiteracy and empower community groups.

The board also prohibited pepper spray against students. The Los Angeles school which is the second-largest school in the country has over 600,000 students.

We are taking an important step in the right direction to provide Black students with vital investments in their success — with millions of dollars going toward academic support, social-emotional resources, and a new approach to school climate and safety.” A member of the school Board

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The agency wasn’t really surprised by the cut to the budget of the police department. Chief Lesile Raimrez said that the significance of this action brings the realism of a LASPD reform to our delivery model.

The Los Angeles school board stated that it would be reevaluating the duty of police on campuses in June. This is to help students feel safe and respected within their school community. Los Angeles has joined the likes of Denver, Milwaukee, and Oakland that removed or reduced police from public schools.

Some activists maintain that officers always criminalize Latino and Black students or punish them disproportionately.

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