Longtime Handyman Donates Kidney to a Maryland Man

A Maryland man who was dying received a kidney from his longtime handyman. When Tony Antonelli heard that…
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A Maryland man who was dying received a kidney from his longtime handyman. When Tony Antonelli heard that he was going to live for five more years, he began to worry. Tony’s doctor diagnosed him with polycystic kidney disease some years ago and this has caused dysfunction in some of his organs.

Tony was waiting for a donor despite his age, but his doctor feared that he might die before he would get a donor. Luckily for this Maryland man, he got a kidney from the least expected person, his longtime handyman.

62-year-old Dan Reynolds who had helped Tony and his wife with repair work some time ago decided to donate his kidney. Reynolds knew something wasn’t right with Tony when he went to do some jobs for him.

When Reynolds asked Tony if he was fine, Tony explained to him that he was battling with some health issues. Luckily, Tony and Reynolds had similar blood types and this made it easy for him to donate his kidney to Tony.

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When Tony told his wife, Mary about the big offer, she was stunned. Mary burst into tears as she couldn’t believe it. Mary donated a kidney to Tony in 2017. The surgery was successful, however, the transplanted kidney began to have issues and Tony became sick again.

Tony’s doctor confirmed he would undergo dialysis for the rest of his life. The problem even became worse when Tony wasn’t responding well to treatment.

When Reynolds offered to donate his kidney, the couple couldn’t believe their ears. Tony had once helped Reynolds when he was homeless. He said the Antonellis had provided him with a job when he had nothing and he is forever grateful to them.  

Reynolds maintained that donating his kidney is a way of repaying this couple’s kindness. The surgery was successful and both parties are recovering.

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