London dads’ secret fundraiser helps Maurice Ellis & his Family feel at home

Maurice Ellis appreciated the Dad Club London president for sharing a post online on Black Lives Matter. He…
Maurice Ellis - London dads

Maurice Ellis appreciated the Dad Club London president for sharing a post online on Black Lives Matter. He revealed that recently, he was subjected to racism at the drive-thru, where he has a second job. Regarding his experiences, he said:

It’s not just me that it happens to. If you’re not mentally strong it can take a toll.

Maurice Ellis

Dad Club London head, Jeremy McCall, decided to do something to make Ellis feel loved and know he has the backing of the community of dads. This is how this club, which is a non-profit focused at connecting dad, as well as giving back to the community, began a secret fundraiser.

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This group somehow raised almost $7000 to assist in the payment of the tuition fee of Ellis’s wife to Fanshawe College via the Bob Jez Scholarship. The check was delivered by its members to Ellis, Leslie-Ellis (his wife), and Amara (their four-year-old daughter) on Monday night.

I thought it was a dad club meeting. We were just talking about how we have to pay the tuition . . . this will definitely get us through.


During last semester at Fanshawe, she made top grades in the hospitality and tourism management program. Some local donors did all they could to ensure that Leslie-Ellis continued with schooling without any issues. Ellis even tried donating himself on hearing the club was trying to raise funds for a secret cause.

To take the stress of school off their shoulders, it’s really an honor.

McCall said

Ellis and his wife moved from Jamaica to London recently, and the latter joined the club just last fall.

It’s an amazing initiative. Trust me, said Leslie Ellis, after she opened the cheque and shed a few tears, went around the group of dads that gathered, thanking each and every one of them.

I wasn’t sure what it was all about. That quickly changed. I feel at home with these guys.

Maurice Ellis

Featured image source: MEGAN STACEY/The London Free Press

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