Local Hero Saves Toddler from Maryland Bay

A local hero saves a toddler drowning on Sunday. There was a crash on the Route 90 bridge…
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A local hero saves a toddler drowning on Sunday. There was a crash on the Route 90 bridge and authorities reported that this incident caused a toddler seated in a car to eject from a truck into the water.

Not long after the girl fell into the water, a man jumped into the bay and rescued the two-year-old girl. This girl is yet to recover fully, but officials maintain that she had been released from the hospital.

The man who rescued the girl was identified as Jonathan Bauer. He had spoken at the press conference at the fire department of Ocean City.  According to Bauer, he was driving on the bridge when he heard a sound. He heard a car screech.

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After that, he saw that a car collided with his car. Bauer said he saw someone trying to get out of a truck. Before they knew what was happening, the person had fallen into the water. Someone signaled to Bauer by pointing to the water below.

He didn’t really say anything to me,” Bauer said. He just pointed down to the water and when I looked over, I saw the car seat, some other items, and then about 6 feet from the car seat was the little girl. She was on her back.


The local hero jumped into the water immediately and swam towards the girl and started to pat her back to ensure she spat the water out. A few minutes later, the police had arrived.

According to officials, eight people sustained injuries in the accident, luckily, no lives were lost. Firefighters, the police, and paramedics also helped the people involved in the accident.

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