Little Boy Brings a ‘Deer Friend’ Home from Virgina

A little boy who went to play in the woods in Virgina has brought home a “Deer friend.”…
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A little boy who went to play in the woods in Virgina has brought home a “Deer friend.”  It is evident that children and animals share a bond. The story of a little boy who showed up with his “deer friend” has got everyone talking on the internet.

Stephanie Brown, the little boy’s mom was very surprised when Dominic came back home with the animal. The Brown’s were on a getaway in Virgina when Dominic discovered the animal in the bush. His family was planning to leave Virgina when the little boy brought a deer home.

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When Stephanie saw her son standing comfortably with a baby deer, she froze for a second. When she recovered from the shock, she took her phone and took a picture of the duo and then posted it online.

Stephanie said when she asked her son to take the deer back to where he got it. Dominic replied that he found the deer by itself. He immediately named his new friend “Flash.”  Stephanie said that her son and the baby deer bonded so well and this was so precious to her.

Since the picture of Dominic and his new found friend have been posted, it has been re-shared more than 123,000 times and over thousands of people have commented on it.

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