Kitten’s risky 91-mile trip ends in a forever home

The kitten made the journey stuck under the hood of a car. A woman from Illinois, Jennifer Donini,…
Kitten named duck

The kitten made the journey stuck under the hood of a car.

A woman from Illinois, Jennifer Donini, had been driving for one and a half hours when she heard a “meow.” Donini was making the 91-mile trip to her home. A “meow” this far into the journey shocked her.

So, Donini pulled over and opened the hood of the car. Inside, she found a kitten.

I didn’t know what in the world to do. I was by myself on speakerphone with my mom trying to find where this kitten was.

Jennifer Donini

Since the space under the car’s hood was so hot, Donini was surprised that the cat had managed to survive so long trapped there. How the little cat got itself in there was a mystery.

Then, when Donini was home, the kitten’s location was not so obvious. She and her family searched under the hood of her car for more than an hour as they tried to reveal the kitten.

Finally, they found him and released him.

Fortunately, Missouri news station KSDK says that the kitten is healthy. He is about seven weeks old.

Donini posted on social media about the kitten, and she realized that the sister-in-law of a coworker wanted to adopt. Soon, the kitten had a forever home.

The story of the kitten’s journey inspired his new name. He was so lucky to manage such a long journey and keep his health, so they named him “Duck”:

He is certainly a very lucky duck!

Jennifer Donini

Though Duck’s story is hard to fathom, it is not that rare that a cat seeks shelter under the hood of a car. Usually, they do this in the colder winter months when car engines seem cozy and appealing.

Pet Health Network’s former Editor-in-Chief, Jane Harrell, recommends that you keep your own cat indoors and check on your cat specifically before departing on car trips.

To help other cats, you can “give a little pound on your hood or slam the car door before you start [your car]. It’s always a good idea to check underneath your car to see if cats are hiding.” Once you do make the noise to alert the cats, give them some time to crawl out from whatever small places they may have tucked themselves.

See Duck in KSDK’s video.

Article source: KSDK

Featured image source: Jennifer Donini

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