Kind security guard shelters dog from the rain

Most pictures you’ll find online of a rained-on dog will show the pup looking a little worse for…

Most pictures you’ll find online of a rained-on dog will show the pup looking a little worse for wear. A recent image shared by Twitter user Mel Gracie, though, tells a much different story:

A pup named Freddie was caught in the rain in Giffnock, Scotland. He was unlucky to find himself in such inclement weather, but he was very lucky to be near a supermarket that employs one Ethan Dearman as a security guard.

Dearman, an employee of Morrisons, captured the internet’s attention when Gracie shared a photo of him holding an umbrella over Freddie. When Gracie spoke to Dearman about the gesture, his response was humble and without pretense. He told her that “you never know how dogs feel about the rain.”

Presumably, a dog’s fondness of rainy weather varies just like a human’s. All Dearman needed to ensure the comfort of a dog in his parking lot was this concept and an umbrella. Even if Freddie hated the rainy weather, he wouldn’t have had anything to fear with Dearman by his side.

Gracie’s original post of the image of Dearman and Freddie currently has more than one hundred thousand likes. The internet was surprised and awed at Dearman’s gesture, but Dearman is known in his neighbourhood for his kindness.

Freddie’s owner, David Cherry, took to Twitter to thank Dearman and mention how the security guard has always been kind to his family. He also shared another image of Freddie, this time as a puppy, for good measure:

Ethan Dearman’s gesture was simple, but on a rainy Sunday morning, one small act of everyday kindness had a far-reaching effect. A dog named Freddie got to stay warm and dry, and the rest of us get a bit of warmth, too, as we read about his story and smile.

Article source: Good News Network

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