Keegan Hall Draws on His Talent to Donate $425,000 to Charity

Keegan Hall, a prolific artist, has worked on several photographs and he has always created his own composition.…
Keegan Hall

Keegan Hall, a prolific artist, has worked on several photographs and he has always created his own composition. Although these pictures may appear like snapshots, they are hall’s drawings. Keegan Hall makes use of different photographs to create his own art.

I grew up doing art. My biggest fan was definitely mom. She always praised my art even my really terrible drawings. I was always such a shy kid. She was amazing. Almost the opposite of what I was growing up.

Keegan Hall

He further explained that Lisa, his mom had always put her children first. Hall has one sibling named Joanna, she suffers from cerebral palsy. He studied at the University of Washington where he majored in art.  

Upon graduation, I started to listen to everyone around me telling me, you know, you’re not good enough, it’s not a real career, you’re going to be poor your whole life. The dream of being an artist in the art world was no longer a reality for me.


Hall said that a few years ago, his mom was diagnosed with cancer, but she survived it. However, after years in remission, the cancer came back and she ended up in a hospital where she later passed away. He said this great loss made him reevaluate and reflect.

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He started reflecting on his life and then drew a picture of something. He had started with a picture of Michael Jordan which he posted online.

I just remember lots of positive comments going back. One of my friends was just like ‘Hey that was a really cool drawing’ can you create a drawing for me of Kam Chancellor? I started a picture of Kam and posted that picture on social media – and Kam actually saw that and he shared that drawing on his social media.


An incidenct changed his life forever. Chancellor had reached out to Hall directly. Hall’s audience started growing and the momentum kept building. He had always had it in mind to use his art to assist others. Hall’s wife coined the name ‘Keegan 200.’  He started drawing to help others.

Keegan Hall collaborated with Seahawk Richard Sherman on a project. They sold out the drawings on the first day, he was able to raise $40,000 and donated everything to charity. After that, he did a campaign with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. Keegan Hall has donated a good amount of money to charity, but he decides where the funds go.

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