Judge Swore in The Drug Dealer He Gave a Second Chance as a Lawyer after 16 years

Edward Martell was a drug dealer before his life changed for good. At times our actions count and…
Drug dealer

Edward Martell was a drug dealer before his life changed for good. At times our actions count and how we judge things matters. Edward was a 27-year-old man who dropped out of high school and maintained an extensive arrest record.

However, one judge changed his life story when he was faced with a 20-year drug conviction. Judge Bruce Morrow could have been like every other judge, but he placed Edward on probation and gave him a challenge.

Morrow told Edward that the next time he sees him in a courtroom; he wanted him to have achieved something very big.  According to Morrow, he believed Edward could be anything he chose to be.

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Morrow said, ‘I challenge you to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company instead of being out here selling drugs. And I love a challenge.


16 years after Morrow made this statement in the courtroom, Edward who was once a drug dealer is standing in front of Morrow again, but this time around, Judge Morrow is swearing him in as an attorney.

Although Edward’s path might look easy, there is more to his story. Since Edward’s past criminal record may be an obstacle to achieving his future plans, his guidance counselors had discouraged him from becoming an attorney. Edward didn’t give up.

After Edward got his associate’s degree, he went to get scholarships for his undergraduate studies and law school. After he achieved this, he clerked at the Defenders’ office at the District of Columbia’s Federal Public. He was later hired as a writer and researcher at the Perkins Law School.

So many people encouraged Edward when he was about to take his bar exams. Edward also had Judge Murrow who had been keeping in touch with him. Edward was able to submit over a 1,200-page application that had in detail the steps he took to change his life.

Within 15 minutes, his approval was granted. The time he had always dreamt of was just in front of him. Edward still works at the Perkins Group. He will now be a practicing attorney. He was able to achieve all of these because a Judge challenged him.

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