Jewish and Muslim paramedics paused and prayed together. An inspiring moment in this Coronavirus crisis

It is amazing to learn that Jewish and Muslim Paramedics prayed together. Zoher Abu Jama and Avraham Mintz…
Jewish and Muslim paramedics

It is amazing to learn that Jewish and Muslim Paramedics prayed together. Zoher Abu Jama and Avraham Mintz just finished attending to a distress call about one 41 years old woman having some respiratory problems, who is in Be’er Sheva, an Israeli city.

Before the woman’s call, they were busy checking on an old man who is 77 years old. They knew that definitely they would attend to more calls as time goes on.

As Six O’clock was fast approaching Abu Jama and Mintz realized they may not have any other break in their shift. The two members of MDA, Magen David Adom, Israel’s emergency service response, took a pause to pray.

Mintz, being a Jew, stood and faced Jerusalem, with his black and white shawl resting on his shoulders. Abu Jama, a Muslim, knelt down facing Mecca, with his white and maroon prayer rug lying unfurled underneath his knees.

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For these two paramedics that work together routinely often times a week, praying together was nothing special or new to them. But for many other people, this image was inspirational, especially during the coronavirus pandemic that is everywhere in the world.

The image of the 2 men was captured by one of their co-workers, and the image went viral, having a lot of likes on every social media platform it was on and seen everywhere including on international media.

Someone wrote on Instagram: “I’m proud of all of the rescue services, it doesn’t matter from what community or religion.” On Twitter, someone else said: “One fight! One victory! Let’s unite.”

The fact that it is so simple makes it so powerful. I believe that Zoher and I and most of the world understand that we have to raise our heads and pray. That’s all that’s left.


Mintz has nine children and he resides in Be’er Sheva, he is 42 years old, and he works as a full-time worker in MDA. The Jewish and Muslim Paramedics prayed for about fifteen minutes and then they got back into the ambulance to continue their work for the day.

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