Inflatable Polar Bear Costumes Allow Grandparents to Hug Grandkids After 9 Months

Grandparents who didn’t have the opportunity to hug their grandsons for the past 9 months finally had the…
Inflatable polar bear costumes

Grandparents who didn’t have the opportunity to hug their grandsons for the past 9 months finally had the chance to do that through inflatable polar bear costumes.

Barbara and Clive Walshaw revealed that the heartwarming hug was the best moment they had that year. The grandparents were able to hold their grandkids Quinn, Mackenzie, and Morgan for the first time after nine months.

Barbara and Clive were so heartbroken when they got to know that their grandchildren wouldn’t come to visit them for Christmas. They had initially planned to spend Christmas with their grandkids on a Zoom call at the end of the dinner table.

Luckily for them, Barbara stumbled upon the inflatable polar bear costumes while shopping online. She then realized there was a way to hug her lovely grandchildren after all.

Barbara said that the inflatable polar bear costumes brought so much joy and a “pure Christmas spirit”. The couple went to their grandchildren’s home in Leeds and hugged their grandchildren while protected by the 6-foot costumes.

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It was really hard on all of the boys. We normally spend Christmas day with them and we wondered what we were going to do with all that’s been going on.


The costumes really served the for which it was bought. The couple said it was the best idea. The youngest of the children was a bit scared at first when he saw the polar bears. On realizing they were his grandparents, it was so lovely.

On Christmas Day, Neil Walshaw and his wife told their children that there was a rumor of polar bears in Kirkstall. When the three boys walked out, they saw their grandparents bouncing over in the massive costumes.

They are the best grandparents in Leeds. They’re simply fantastic.


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