Ikea Plans to Buy Back Already Used Furniture in Recycling Push

The biggest furniture business in the world, Ikea, has plans to buy back your already used or unwanted…

The biggest furniture business in the world, Ikea, has plans to buy back your already used or unwanted furniture. The Swedish company plans to start doing this from next month. This new scheme will offer vouchers about 50% of the original price, to be spent at its stores.

Customers will receive vouchers to spend at Ikea stores; the condition of the items they are returning will determine the value of the vouchers. Customers will have to log the item they want to return and then the estimate of its value will be disclosed.

Customers who present “new Items” without scratches will receive 50% of the original price, while “very good” items, with a few scratches will be given 40% and “well used”, with several scratches, will receive 30%. The items to be returned should be submitted to the return desks for appropriate assessment.

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This scheme applies to furniture like the chairs, desks, famous Billy bookcases, stools, and dining tables. Ikea maintained that any furniture that cannot be resold will be recycled. Ikea will ensure there are dedicated areas in each store, where customers can sell back their already used furniture and also get repaired or refurbished furniture.

In 1948, this furniture company began its first collection and some Ikea products have become collectable recently. Some websites have several Ikea designs from previous decades.

For over a year now, Ikea has been testing out the reselling of furniture in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The company has been making efforts to become more environmentally-friendly and also aims to become “a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030”.

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