How Facebook Reunited A Lucky Senior Pitbull With Her Family – One Year Later

Social media has allowed us to reconnect with long lost loved ones more easily than ever before. But…

Social media has allowed us to reconnect with long lost loved ones more easily than ever before. But Jada, an 11-year-old pitbull, has an adoption story unlike any other you’ve heard, and it’s all thanks to Facebook.

About a year ago, Jada was given up to a municipal shelter when one of her owners passed away suddenly. It was a decision that the family regretted. They continued to monitor Jada’s journey, but when that shelter shut down due to financial reasons, the family believed Jada was put to sleep. (Euthanasia is typically how pitbull breeds in these types of situations are dealt with.)

What the family didn’t know was that the Northshore Humane Society (NHS) – a no-kill rescue in Covington, Los Angeles – rescued sweet Jada and five other pets, placing them into their adoption program.

NHS posted a video plea to Facebook viewers to adopt Jada, who wasn’t adjusting well to shelter life. Jada needed a family. But who would adopt a senior pitbull?

After having received over 30,000 views, the extended family of Jada’s original owners saw the video and were shocked beyond belief! Danielle Bondi, the daughter-in-law of the original owner, “couldn’t believe it. Jada was alive! We were shocked when my mother-in-law gave her up and it’s been heavy on our hearts ever since. My father-in-law died and that dog meant the world to him.”

Now, thanks to social media, Bondi, her husband, and their 10-year-old daughter call Jada their own.

“The power of social media is unreal and it continues to amaze us everyday,” says Susie Kaznowitz, the Director of Marketing at Northshore Humane Society.

After a year in a shelter, 11-year-old Jada and her family will be reunited in a one-of-a-kind second chance story! Jada was surrendered to a municipal shelter after the passing of one of her beloved owners. The family deeply regretted the decision and it weighed heavy on their hearts ever since. One year later, a Facebook video brought them back together and today they will be reunited for the first time!!! The extended family of Jada traveled all the way from Venice to become Jada's new family

Posted by Northshore Humane Society on Monday, September 7, 2020
Jada reunited with extended family in one-of-a-kind adoption!

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