How a Newborn Baby found on a New York Subway Station Got Adopted by a Couple

A newborn baby who was found in the subway got a new family. Danny Stewart had found him…

A newborn baby who was found in the subway got a new family. Danny Stewart had found him when he was going to see his boyfriend. Danny was late for a dinner he had with Pete Mercurio, his partner. As Danny was in a hurry to meet his partner, he noticed something.

He saw something tucked up against the wall. With several questions written all over his face, however, he went up the stairs to the exit.  When he looked back again, he noticed the legs of the b moved. He immediately went back to the stairs and unwrapped the baby.

He didn’t have any clothes on, he was just wrapped up in this sweatshirt. His umbilical cord was still partially intact, so I could tell he was a newborn baby. I was thinking maybe a day or so old.


Danny couldn’t believe his eyes because he couldn’t understand what made someone dump a baby on the floor of a subway station. Danny immediately alerted people to contact the police, but no one answered him.

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This incident happened before the time everyone had a phone. So Danny went to the street to call 911. He informed the police that he found a baby. Then he told the police about the location of the baby and hen went back to be sure if the baby was still fine.  

He waited for the police to come, but they didn’t and that was when he thought about his partner, Pete. He ran back to the payphone to call Pete. When Pete heard this, he was shocked. He left his apartment and headed straight to the subway station. As at the time he got there, the police were already taking the baby to the hospital for check-up. ‘

Not too long after the baby was found, the Administration for Children’s Services invited Danny to a family court hearing to testify about how he discovered the baby. After the hearing, the Judge asked if Danny was interested in taking custody of the baby and he said yes.

Danny’s agreement to keep the baby almost shattered his relationship with Pete, however, Pete later agreed with Danny to keep the baby after they both went to check up on the baby in the foster home he was being kept.  

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