Hero neighbors come to the rescue of vulnerable dog

A dog owner was touched by the kindness of neighbors when their dog was in need. C.R. Nunamaker…

A dog owner was touched by the kindness of neighbors when their dog was in need. C.R. Nunamaker was moved to write on Good News Network about their recent experience.

Before the neighbors stepped in to help, Nunamaker and Nunamaker’s dog, a collie named Nunuk, had just arrived home from an operative visit to the veterinarian.

Those of us with pets as members of the family know how tough these days can be. Seeing a pet who is normally full of energy and excitement at the day be subdued as they recover from a visit to the vet’s office is difficult for anyone. For Nunamaker, it was even harder.

Nunuk had recently come out of surgery. He had had two tumors on one of his back legs, and the surgery to remove them left him with a pair of significant incisions—each nearly half a foot long.

Like any being who has recently had surgery, some good rest, preferably indoors with a cuddly blanket, would have been on the agenda for Nunuk.

But in a somber shift in plans, Nunuk didn’t manage more than a couple of steps out of the car before he fell to the ground.

Nunuk’s owner brought him a blanket and more painkillers and waited to see if Nunuk would recoup enough strength to make it to the house on his own. Nunumaker knew that carrying Nunuk would be impossible: “At 65 pounds and with with two fresh 5-inch long incisions, it was clearly impossible for me to lift safely on my own.”

Heartbreakingly, all Nunamaker could do was wait and hope.

Fortunately, one text message Nunamaker sent encouraged an act of kindness.

Nunamaker had sent a message to the neighbor asking if the neighbour could please avoid passing by in a car while Nunuk was incapacitated, because “Nunuk is a guard dog by nature and it was vital to keep him quiet.”

The neighbor received this message and went above and beyond its request. He and his wife arrived outside of Nunamaker’s house to help carry Nunuk in carefully, using the blanket as a makeshift gurney.

Inside, Nunuk could get some proper and well-deserved rest.

Thank you to the ‘angel’ neighbours who took action to help when they could, and thank you to Nunamaker for sharing this touching story. Best wishes to Nunuk for a speedy recovery that gets him back to contentedly barking at cars!

Article source: Good News Network

Featured image source: C.R. Nunamaker

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