Harlequin Toad Successfully Bred in Manchester Museum For the First Time

An endangered species, harlequin toad have been bred at the Manchester Museum and this is happening for the…
Harlequin toad

An endangered species, harlequin toad have been bred at the Manchester Museum and this is happening for the first time, all thanks to the Herpetologist at the museum. After so much hard work, these scientists recreated a habitat where these species grow up.

This is to ensure that this critically-endangered species has a mechanism for survival in case anything happens to it in its original habitat.

The IUCN Red List classified these harlequin toads as endangered or critically endangered. These species are usually found in South and Central America’s rainforests. This breeding program is the only one available in Manchester since this kind of toad is uncommon and complex to study.

Herpetologists observed the ways this toad lays her eggs. They discovered turbulent streams containing boulders and stones, bathed in a particular spectrum of light that enables tropical algae to grow.

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The university is the only institution outside Panama to house these frogs. It’s a huge responsibility the team does not take lightly. So we’re over the moon we’ve achieved the first captive breeding of this remarkable species. Our success heralds the next chapter for more innovative amphibian conservation work.

Andrew Gray, Head of herpetology department at the Manchester Museum

This Harlequin toad has shiny black skin with a mixture of golden bands. It is one of the 68 species classified as atelopus genus. The breeding program began around Santa Fe National Park in 2018. The National Park partnered with Panama Wildlife Conservation to carry out this program.

This program will help the next generation understands the importance of the harlequin toads and this help them protect the species.

Manchester Museum is making efforts to raise funds to continue with this project. They are raising funds through the Sponsor a Frog program, where you can learn more about toads and their survival.

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