Grandson Discovers Lost WWII Army Recording of His Grandpa

A WWII army recording that had gone missing for almost 50 years was recently found in the attic.…
WWII army recordings

A WWII army recording that had gone missing for almost 50 years was recently found in the attic. This recording is believed to the only available video by a front line army band with troops near a battlefield. This army band was celebrating the end of World War II.

Luckily enough, one of the grandsons of these veterans discovered the recordings. While Jason Burt was growing up, he knew his grandpa was always playing jazz and classical music. Jason bonded well with his grandpa and he knew so much about WWII history from his grandpa.

The duo often talked about the experience of Richard Burt as a military musician during the Second World War. Richard played music for international dignitaries, front-line troops, and generals. The Army band recorded themselves playing the top 10 songs of the era as the war was about to end.

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After the recording session, Jason’s grandfather, Richard Burt, took the recordings home. This WWII army recording is now the only album of a frontline army band recorded during a war. Richard planned to keep the recordings, but he thought it was missing in the 80s.

After Richard died, his family members didn’t know the records were in the garage. Jason who is the only grandchild that didn’t understand music, didn’t know what he should do with this musical item in his closet.

Six months later, as I sat alone in my house, I decided that it was time to listen to the records. When the needle pressed against the vinyl, I was transported back to 1945 for a private concert with my grandpa—and the sound of his trumpet filled me with joy.


With the hope of winning a Grammy Award on the Army Air Force Band’s behalf, Jason worked with the best sound engineers to transform the recordings into an album in which his grandfather tells the story of the band.

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