Grandfather of Homeless Animals Finally Gets Awarded

A man referred to as the grandfather of homeless animals finally gets awarded for how he has volunteered…
Grandfather’ of Homeless Animals Graduates From Veterinary Program to Care for Stray Dogs

A man referred to as the grandfather of homeless animals finally gets awarded for how he has volunteered to look after stray dogs. He’s passed the 70 year mark and still has graduated from a veterinary medicine program. Now, he travels long distances every week to care for them.

After serving for 42 years, and retired as a teacher, Fevzi Uyar of Turkey has been spending most of his time caring for animals in need for the last five years.

Uyar has taken care of many stray dogs, which includes building more than 80 animal shelters made of plywood to house them during winter. To each of these shelters are rugs, carpets, and blankets, just to ensure comfort and insulation. 

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Asides from this, every two days, Uyar travels over 90 miles to give food and water to homeless dogs. With assistance from other animal lovers, every month he supplies strays with about 8 to 10 tons of dog food and meal. About 1,000 dogs have now known his van and they follow it along the path of food stops established by him.

Because he frequently encountered animals needing medical attention, Uyar owed the local veterinarian some thousands of dollars. To keep providing care despite the fact that he has passed his retirement age, he enrolled in a veterinary medicine program. He graduated just of recent, and the 71-year-old now treats, vaccinates, and dresses any wounds. 

For how much the grandfather of homeless animals has worked to give a better life to stray animals, Uyar has just bagged the first Gladiator Award from The Babbitt Family Foundation. They revealed that: “We hope Mr. Uyar’s story will inspire you to discover how ‘a single individual can contribute to changing the world and benefitting all humanity’.” 

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