Grad Student donates $30,000 to Charity by Dropping Pizzas out of His Window

Ben Berman, a grad student donates $30,000 to charity. Ben who runs a typical pizza place has been…
Grad student donates

Ben Berman, a grad student donates $30,000 to charity. Ben who runs a typical pizza place has been able to raise a sum of $30,000 by dropping pizzas out of his window. With this, Ben has brought but some joy to people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I realized I could make people smile by dropping slices of pizza out my window, and that was really the original idea.


As this grad student donates $30,000 to charity, he has been able to give people hope in these trying times. Ben has been dishing out free pies from the window of his bedroom apartment since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ben revealed that he uses three days to make pizza dough. He mixes a “big batch in the first day and then rolling it into balls, leaving it to chill in the refrigerator.

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On the second day, Ben makes the sauce and gets his ingredients together. And then people who won the ‘lottery’ to get free pizza come to his house and stand by his window to get pizza.

The lucky winners of this lottery will then give call Ben outside his window. He lowers the down to the winners through a pulley system out of his second-story window.

Ben only asks for charitable donations in return for his free pizzas. And that was how this grad student raised a sum of $30,000 he donated to charity.

Donations that have come in through people from all over the world, people without any expectation of ever trying pizza. Anyone that donates to us, 100% of what they give is being given away. 


This 27-year-old grad student has now made over 500 pies, and channels the profits to charity groups such as Philabundance and Project Home, which fight against homelessness and hunger.

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