Glasgow to Plant 18 Million Trees

18 million trees will be planted in Glasgow as part of its effort to reach Net zero emission.…

18 million trees will be planted in Glasgow as part of its effort to reach Net zero emission. The Clyde Climate Forest will increase woodland cover from 17% to 20%. Woodlands will be developed across Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Glasgow, and East and West Dunbartonshire.

10 trees will be planted per resident. This planting is aimed at reconnecting almost 29,000 hectares of woodland in the region fragmented as a result of urban development.

Land managers and communities are asked to identify places to replace trees lost in the past and plant new ones. According to George Anderson, interconnecting woodland can help to protect wildlife.

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We are seeking to link up existing woodlands as far as possible,” he said. “One of the great problems that wildlife has is that habitats like woodland are very fragmented and that means wildlife can’t move around as easily as it should.


George maintained that the Woodland Trust would hope to see a woodland from Helensburgh to Lanark. He further said that the community is considering developing a native forest where they can. Mr. George revealed that trees could be cultivated in former industrial areas or streets as well as on the edges of farms.

Glasgow looks forward to planting trees anywhere it can. The community will be hosting COP26 in November. Glasgow is committed to achieving net zero emissions. Mr. George further said that various native species would be cultivated to protect wildlife and also capture carbon.

According to Susan Aitken, Council leader of Glasgow city, new woodlands and forests will be beneficial to wildlife and our local communities as a whole. Planting trees will reduce carbon and as well as strengthen communities. 

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