Girl from B.C., Charlie Manning celebrates 6th birthday, as letters swarm in from all over the world

On Thursday, the 6th year birthday of a B.C. girl Charlie Manning went global as people from all…
The Manning family

On Thursday, the 6th year birthday of a B.C. girl Charlie Manning went global as people from all over the world sent parcels and letters to ensure she has a great celebration.

According to Ray Manning, over 15 packages and 180 cards were brought to his doorstep after his daughter’s aunt decided to use social media requesting help from friends to ensure her niece’s birthday is special.

Charlie Manning (his daughter), who clocked 6 years on Thursday, would have spent her birthday amongst her extended family, however, due to travel restrictions, there was no way she could see them.

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At the end of the school year, we do a birthday party for her. We couldn’t this year.

Ray Manning

Envelopes came in from England, Australia, Wales, Alberta, Clearwater, Courtenay, Florida, Minnesota, and California dropped in Charlie’s mailbox, and more kept coming in. Some individuals even decided to make a cupcake delivery to her from a local bakery. She doesn’t even know any of those who sent her the envelopes.

‘Rave to the kindness of strangers around the world,’ Ray Manning wrote in a Kamloops Facebook group (Ray Manning/Facebook)

In times like this, to see the kindness of people, it just melts your heart.

Ray Manning

On Thursday morning, Charlie decided to open her cards on the lawn. She revealed that her favorite card came from Ireland, Dublin because special stickers were attached to them. She said she will never forget her 6th birthday.

We want to send a big thank you to everybody that made this day possible for Charlie to have such a great day. When you figure what we’re going through right now with COVID and everything and everybody being socially distant, it’s great to see people taking time out in their lives to help a little girl from somewhere else celebrate her sixth birthday.

Ray Manning

Featured image source: Ray Manning

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