Ghana Cultivates 5 Million Trees in a Day

At least 5 million trees were planted in Ghana in a single day. This action is aimed at…
5 million trees

At least 5 million trees were planted in Ghana in a single day. This action is aimed at regrowing the lost forests in the country and reducing the impact of climate change.  Environmentalists revealed that the expansion of farming, logging, and mining have resulted in high levels of deforestation in the country.

According to the Forestry Commission reports, in the West African gold miner, forest cover has reduced to less than one-fifth of what it was in some decades ago. The seat of Ghana’s presidency cultivated a seedling of lignum vitae, very strong hardwoods. Due to its medicinal properties, this species is referred to as the “Tree of Life.”

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The exploitation of forest resources for national development has not been sustainable over the years. We don’t have tomorrow or a day after tomorrow to do this. We have to act now.” President Akufo-Addo

Over seven million seedlings were shared out to schools, parks, and businesses ahead of the events. Shopping malls in major cities were given planting kits. Participants chose crop, fruit, or ornamental trees.

Almost 2.7 million of the 5 million seedlings were already cultivated by Friday afternoon, according to forestry commission in Ghana. The government has plans to make Green Ghana Day a yearly event, with the goal of increasing the planting target of the day from 5 million to 100 million trees.

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