Germany Utilized More Renewable Energy in 2020 Than Fossil Fuels For the First Time

Germany utilized more renewable energy than fossil fuels in 2020, this is happening for the first time in…
Germany utilized more renewable

Germany utilized more renewable energy than fossil fuels in 2020, this is happening for the first time in history. The combination of solar, wind and other renewable energy exceed the amount of coal, gas, and oil used in the country in 2020.

These historic records on the data sheets can be attributed to factors like lower demand for electricity, the pandemic, cheaper natural gas, and other economic factors. Germany, the fourth-largest economy and largest consumer of fossil fuels had a record breaking experience in 2020.

The data collected from Energiewende revealed that wind power supplied more of the energy in the country than lignite brown coal plants. Solar contributed 40 percent of the country’s baseline during warmer months and mild weather.

All this energy resulted in a 10 percent decrease in the greenhouse gases’ emissions compared to the previous year. This is one of the reasons Energiewende described this situation as “the end of coal.”

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Lignite-fired power plants delivered 22.3 terawatt-hours less than in 2019 (-19.6 percent), while coal-fired power plants lost 15 terawatt hours (-26.1 percent) Coal-fired generation has thus shrunk by more than half since 2015.


The fossil fuel sector was also hit by the pandemic in 2020. The greenhouse gas emissions in Germany had a significant drop in 2020 and the country was able to meet the climate protection target for 2020 with a 40% decrease.

Obviously, the pandemic played a significant role in these reductions. If the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy, and energy consumption were deducted, the renewable energies’s growth would be 2% less.

Svenja Schulze, the country’s Environment minister maintained that the pandemic wasn’t only the cause of the reduction in emissions, climate policy decisions had been taken before the pandemic.

Emissions are already falling significantly for the third year in a row.


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