Generous neighbors take care of horse trainer’s animals after her surgery

After all their kindness, she wanted to pay it forward. Kristin Kinney, a horse trainer in San Tan…

After all their kindness, she wanted to pay it forward.

Kristin Kinney, a horse trainer in San Tan Valley, Arizona, was left unable to do the work required to keep her ranch up and running after a spinal surgery.

Kinney still has to wear a neck brace, and her abilities to work the animals and her ranch are seriously impacted:

I can’t lift over 5 to 8 pounds. That’s what a gallon of milk would weigh. I’ve got all my animals, and I’m a horse trainer and ranch girl. I’m used to working.

Kristin Kinney

Kinney has been recovering for months. It would have been impossible for her to do everything at her ranch on her own. Thanks to some very helpful neighbors, she didn’t have to.

Debbie and Don Winters live near Kinney’s ranch. They have been helping at the ranch for three months—every single day. They feed the animals in addition to bringing meals for Kinney and tidying the house.

Kinney is awestruck at their generosity:

They are probably the best neighbors and human beings I’ve ever met.

Kristin Kinney

For the Winters couple, helping Kinney was the natural thing to do.

Debbie didn’t wait to be asked to start taking action. She knew that Kinney was proud—the horse trainer didn’t “ask for help much”—so Debbie just told Kinney, “I’m going to start feeding horses for you.”

That’s what we’re put here for, is to help each other.

Debbie Winters

Don, for his part, believes and lives his life by the motto that “what they put on your headstone isn’t what you’ve acquired, it’s who you’ve helped.”

Kinney wanted the Winters to know just how much she appreciates them, so she connected with CBS 5 and told her story. CBS 5 has a special program just for situations like these: the Pay It Forward program.

Soon, the Winters couple was surprised by Kinney, a news crew, and a $500 gift card to thank them for all their help.

Article source: CBS 5

Featured image source: CBS 5

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