Gary Sinise Has Launched a Mental Health Network For First Responders and Veterans

Gary Sinise has been donating to charity for a long time and this time around this Oscar-nominated actor…
Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise has been donating to charity for a long time and this time around this Oscar-nominated actor decided to go the extra mile. He recently introduced a mental health wellness network that aims to offer treatment and care to first responders and veterans that are going through drug abuse or post-traumatic stress.

The Gary Sinise Foundation Avalon Network will set up 20 treatment areas across the nation to serve first responders and veterans. Sinise revealed that when he created this foundation in 2011, his aimed to offer care, support, and improve the mental health of veterans and their families.

As the foundation will be clocking 10 years this June, Sinise decided to mark it by launching this mental wellness network. Sinise said that this network will help our veterans and first responders to fight through their struggles.

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According to reliable data, in the US, about 30% of first responders are struggling with post-traumatic stress and depression. Sinise will be collaborating with Arthur M. Blank and Bernie Marcus, the Co-founders of Home Depot. These two have invested 20 million dollars each to start the groundwork.

Since Marcus and Blank started co-founding Home Depot, this is the first time they will be working with Sinise. Gary Sinise has helped to raise funds for the military and cared for military men and their families. He and his “Lt. Dan Band,” have done so much for military bases around the world, especially in Iraq.

We’ve lost more veterans to suicide than we have on the battlefields of the Global War. Our veterans and their families put their lives on the line for us and they deserve the highest level of care available.

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